Friday, August 1, 2014

Space 22 News!

Laci Malone, Space 22, is expanding at Reminisce.  She started with a wee "cubby" space in the rear of the store and now occupies the front left corner and is currently expanding to additional space in the store.  Laci has fallen in love with repurposing vintage furniture and decor and her pictures certainly reflect her talent and love for this business.
Effective August 1st, Laci's mom Johnna will become her partner.  She explains that her mother has a keen interest in the business and will lend her considerable talent to the expansion.  Laci is greatful to her entire family for their support.  Come on down to Reminisce and see what Laci and her mom Johnna are up to.

Laci's first "cubby"
Laci's space today

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